About The Film
We are independent filmmakers, the project has been 100% self-financed so far. In order to move forward we need financial support. The short film has been extremely well received and we are confident that the feature film will be a success. With your help we will make it a reality. For more information, please contact us.

Architect Dion Neutra has led the Neutra firm for the last half of its illustrious nine decades of service. Dion's work and unique experience serve to further secure the Neutra legacy; his father Richard Neutra is revered as one of the most influential architects of our time.

Dion’s son, Nick Neutra, is in the process of building a multi-structure complex on the Honduran island of Roatan. Dion and Nick formed the team to conceptualize the project starting in 2007. This cooperative effort represents a milestone in a tradition of creative expression.

The feature-length documentary will chronicle this recent chapter in the Neutra story: the tenth island project of the Neutra practice. In addition, Dion is concurrently producing a book, The Island Projects of the Neutra Practice.

The film will explore three generations of father-son relationships, going back to the first Neutra island project, The Windshield House, Fisher’s Island, in 1936, and culminating with the Roatan project. The narrative will focus on the universal challenges and rewards of the creative process.

We successfully completed the short film Neutra In Roatan in April 2017 and had our Southern California premiere at the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs California. We are now gearing up for the next phase of production of the feature length documentary and we need your support to make it a reality.

The Island Projects of the Neutra Practice

The Windshield House, Fisher’s Island, N.Y. (1936)

Village School, Rural Health Center, Puerto Rico (1943-1944)

Adelup School, Guam (1952)

De Shulthess Residence, Havana, Cuba (1955)

Pickering Residence, Lido Isle, CA (1960)

Dowlin Residence, Euthera, Bahamas (early 1960s)

Rice Residence, Lock Island, VA (1965)

Kuhns 2, Fox Island, Puget Sound, WA (1978)

Mack Residence, Bequia Island, East Indies (1990)

Nick Neutra Residence, Roatan - Honduras (2007-now)


Dion Neutra, Architect

Born in 1926, the year the Neutra practice was formed by his famed father Richard Neutra, Dion Neutra, at the age of 11, began his apprenticeship at a drafting table in his father’s office.

After serving in the US Navy in WWII, he studied for a year in Zurich and in 1950 graduated cum laude from USC with a BA in architecture. A few weeks later he passed the State Board Architectural License Exam and became one of the youngest members of the AIA at the age of 24.

Since then the Neutra Practice has developed numerous award-winning facilities: educational, medical, civic, recreational and residential.

After the passing of Richard Neutra in 1970, Dion became firm president and continued to preside over the practice, which, in 2016, celebrated its 90th year. He has traveled widely, lecturing  in California, Nevada, Washington, Pennsylvania, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Puerto Rico, France and Canada.

He also provided leadership for the non-profit Neutra Institute for Design under whose agis he developed the Neutra Institute Museum of Silverlake, which has hosted some 40 shows and events since its founding in 2014. 

Nick Neutra, Recording Engineer

With a career spanning 40 years, Nick currently owns and operates Post Creations, a sound recording facility in Los Angeles which has served the entertainment industry for 20 years.

Nick's brother Greg bought property in Mexico which planted the idea of owning property abroad. An avid scuba diver, Nick started his search in Panama and Belize. Finally in 2007 he visited Roatan, one of the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. There he found the ideal combination: beautiful location, genuine and sincere locals, and great diving.


He purchased a parcel of land on the island in 2007 with the intention of building his dream home and studio. His father, Dion Neutra designed the three structure complex and has been instrumental in the building process over the past 9 years.

Production Team

Tavo Olmos, Director, Producer

A freelance photographer since 1982, Tavo specializes in HABS/HAER documentation of historic structures around greater Southern California.

He grew up in South Pasadena, California, where he met Nick Neutra in elementary school. As kids, they spent time at the VDL Research House where Dione Neutra entertained by playing cello and singing.

Tavo met John Kiffe in 1988 at the Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, where they were both employed.

This is Tavo's first project as an independent producer.

John Kiffe, Co-Producer, Director of Photography

John brings over 25 years of experience to the Roatan project. Currently, he is lead photographer at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, where he lends his expertise to the photography of rare objects and video productions. Prior to this, he was a photographer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

He received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Film, Television and Photography from Montana State University. In the late 1980's, he moved to Southern California in search of warm winters to fly his hang glider, and to pursue his career.

François Maurin, Editor

François is a freelance editor with 20+ years of experience in film and video post-production.

Recent collaborations include feature films The Big Raincheck and The David Whiting Story (40th Los Angeles Film Critics Association Douglas Edwards Award Winner) directed by Walter Reuben.

François has edited several architecture documentary projects in recent years, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum and The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, produced and directed by Timothy Sakamoto, Julius Schulman Desert Modern, Julius Schulman LA Stories, A Girl Is A Fellow Here and Built for Ballet.

François met John Kiffe a decade ago while working on The Old, Weird America, a documentary on musicologist, artist, and eccentric collector Harry Smith directed by Rani Singh. They have worked alongside on many occasions since.